Course Update from PCGC Board

PCGC Members and Patrons,


First off, thank you for your continued support of Pheasant Country Golf Course. As many of you know, PCGC is a non-profit entity that exists for the benefit of the community  and the course could not exist without all of you.  We know many of you have concerns about the current condition of the course so we thought we would send out an update as to what is going on and what you can expect going forward.


  • Winter Kill – Our greens, tee boxes, and some fairways took a hit from mother nature this winter. Turf grass needs to be mowed short, and in doing so the crown of the grass is very exposed. In normal North Dakota winter conditions the grass is able to withstand the elements and come through alright on the other side, however with the drought in the fall and the open winter the crowns of the grass were left drier than usual and exposed. The winds likely dried out those crowns and, being dormant, the grass was unable to take up moisture which led to the winter kill.

How is it being addressed?


We have implemented some aggressive overseeding techniques to introduce new seed varieties that have promising performance in other areas. Unfortunately we have had some hard rains shortly after some of our over-seeding which washed some seed and has delayed the progress slightly on the re-growth. However, as the summer goes on you can expect to see continuous improvements. We have purchased some new equipment to help us utilize overseeding techniques that should improve efficacy. You will continue to notice overseeding efforts taking place on the course.


  • Irrigation Issues – In addition to our battle with mother nature we have had some issues with our main pump system and some scale/rust that was being introduced into the irrigation system and plugging sprinkler heads. There have also been issues with some electrical components that have made our watering schedules more challenging.

How is it being addressed?


Earlier this year we hired a company to come in and replace all the steel components in the irrigation system and upgrade the pump system with a high pressure poly pipe. This would remove the root cause of the issue and will reduce the workload in cleaning the scale deposits out of the sprinkler heads. We also ordered replacement electrical components as we had to use our spares. Unfortunately, as I’m sure most of you have had to deal with in your professional lives as well, there are many delays from manufacturers and producing and delivering these components in the wake of Covid-19 delays and we are not immune to that. Once we get these things done we are looking at a much more robust system going forward.


We know that there have been some other manicuring items on the course that have fallen behind from time to time, and the brunt of them were due to the aforementioned issues above as well as some delayed parts for some equipment. I can assure you that our Maintenance Crew has been working hard to get the course back to the condition we have all become accustomed to. We appreciate your patience with our staff as we continue to put the effort into getting things regrown on the course. We appreciate the tremendous Members and Patrons that come support the course, Golfers Edge, and Tee shots and the community of South Heart.


Thank you,

PCGC Board of Directors